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Steve Jobs Leadership Type

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Continuous Process Improvement

Jobs has shown that it is important to him to continue to grow his company. In order to do this he is required to have continuous process improvement. As the market continuous to grow so shall the company. If a company does not improve on its processes it will not continue to stay in the market. An example of this is shown in Finkle T.A., & Mallin M.L (2010) when talking about the IMAC personal Computer. They state that the system was attractive looking but “Apple continued to update and introduce improvements to this computer line and began offering new versions of their lap tops.” Another process improvement was compatibility in the IPOD. Originally, according to Finkle T.A., & Mallin M.L (2010), the IPOD was only compatible with Mac products. This changed in 2002 to make the IPOD compatible to all systems. This is a major process improvement that was also able to increase business and shareholder wealth. Jobs approach to process improvement is based solely on making things easier to use and compatible to be used anywhere.

My Work/Life improvements

Jobs shows a form of determination and planning that’s most people do not show today. He seems to always have a plan for what is next and never take no for an answer. I would love to adapt his drive for success and his approach for process improvement. I do not think I would like to have his same leadership style as it got the job done and was successful for him but left a lot of people with a bad taste in their mouth for him. He seemed to face a lot of struggles with the implementation of his strategy because of his leadership style. However, his ability to develop the strategy and stick to it to follow through with his vision I admire greatly. These would be very beneficial in my work life which would then result as beneficial in my home life! Jobs in my opinion was so successful because he was so passionate about what he did and I would love to develop a passion such as his to use in my life as well.


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