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My View on Leadership

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- Reflect on the leader that you admire most. What type of leader is he/she? What type of leadership style would you prefer to adopt? To become effective, what leadership skills do you need to further develop?

The leader that I admire most is spiritual leader, Master Jun Hong Lu. He was awarded with numerous world peace awards by international NGO bodies ranging from Australian region, Asia to Europe. He is the President and Director of numerous Chinese associations and Buddhism organizations in Australia and worldwide. Over the past ten years, with extraordinary dedication and compassion, he has been using ancient Chinese philosophers and Buddhist teachings to help listeners around the world. Currently he has about 5 million worldwide followers worldwide.

He is a very compassionate leader as he puts his followers as his priority. I believe he is an exceptional transformational leader practitioner as he motivates very sincerely especially to people who really in need of help to enhance life quality. He gets his messages out very clearly through social medias such as Facebook, YouTube broadcast and the original radio channel that he runs from Australia. He always emphasize to his audience to focus on the big picture of his way of spiritual practice so everyone can get the best out of the knowledge to improve life quality. To lead a crowd of 5 million is exceptional and I believe it requires extraordinary leadership.

The type of leadership I would adopt would be transformational type with additional element of compassion as inspired by Master Lu. I observe that at time as much as organization strive to be successful and achieve high sales targets, good values entrusted by our ancient Chinese philosopher such as Confucius are being neglected. As quoted by His Holiness Dalai Lama, “The planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds.” I wish to promote more compassionate messages in my organization than creating typical hungry organization that will sacrifice self values to perform tasks entrusted to them. Integrity is the utmost important traits.


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