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Toyotas Learning Case Study

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Socio-cultural Environment: Toyota is one of the highest trusted brands of all time, Increasing consumer awareness and concern about environmental implications of driving a vehicle is the most important social tendency to be addressed by automobile manufacturers. Toyota is attempting to address this issue by increasing its focus on electric and hybrid cars such as Toyota Prius. Toyota has the opportunity to provide more products that satisfy customers’ increasing interest in hybrid and electric vehicles.

Technological Environment: Toyota has a eagerness to to experiment and to set almost impossible goals. Toyota is leading the world when it comes to research and development, it has manufactured alternative fuel consumption vehicles kepping in view the fuel and energy scarcity.

Toyota launched the prius the first mass produced hybrid car powered by petrol and electricity.they even have a vision of building a dream car which will prevent accidents form happening, which is comfortable and healthy for people to drive and a vehicle which can drive amount the world with one tank of gas.

Legal Environment: in 2010 toyota faced issues with pedal accelerators as a result of which drivers experienced uncontrolled acceleration. This defect occurred in multiple modeles of Toyota. Toyota had to settle for 1.1 billion in lawsuits. The lawsuits were of negligence and product liability.Legal Action was taken against Toyota by the US authorities as they failed to report safety problems as it is required under the law. They ended up paying 16 million dollars in fines

Environmental Environment: Toyota has always been commited to save the environment which is why it is producing greener products by Producing environmental friendly vehicles which are safe and eco friendly and which keep the air clean.which is why they are shifting to hybrid and electric cars in long term and also producing cars which have high mileage


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