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Companies: Google, Apple and Facebook

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Companies: Google, Apple and Facebook

The following are two real stories.

Three months after starting a recruitment process and having profusely spread the offer on the main job portals, social networks and actively inviting all possible candidates market objectives, I have only one interested. This is a position with an excellent remuneration for the risk area of ​​one of the largest holdings in the country. The response of all the people I contact - knowing the name of the company that requires the position - is always a phrase like this: Do you really think that someone is going to be interested in working there?

On the other hand, in one of my "Personal Selection" classes at a well-known university, my students worked in groups to design a recruitment notice; the instruction was to devise a notice for the company in which they would like to work. The result: In all groups, curiously, they repeated the same companies: Google, Apple and Facebook.

What will have made the difference between the first case and the second?

The answer did not need much analysis:

In the first case, the company had seriously damaged its image before public opinion.

In contrast the companies of the second group show attributes that are not only directed to be preferred by their customers, but also, by their employees. They become "desirable" companies to work, where the mere fact of "belonging" to that company, attributes to its collaborators the attributes of the brand.

I remember years ago that someone very intelligent was told "you're going to take NASA" or "you're going to take the Russians", somehow, the space race had positioned in the collective imagination that both the US space program and The Soviet, were the summit to which to aspire, position that today occupy the present Google, Tesla, Microsoft, Facebook and others.

Just as the brands invest in achieving partnerships that after much effort become almost unconscious in the world of consumers: Ferrari-Passion; Luis Vouiton-Status; Apple-Innovation; WoM-Rebellion, there is another type of investment that some companies also do to position themselves, and this time, not in the context of their customers, but in that of their employees and more specifically, in the market of talent they want to attract. We talk about the world of "Employer branding" or "Employee Brand".

The employer brand refers to all actions a company makes to highlight its unique value proposition towards its potential (and future) employees.

Things like slides in the office, siesta halls, video games to show a flexible work style, but


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