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The Unjust Justice System for Children

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Most of teen and young children’s actions reflect on their home life and are influenced easily. The jury does not consider the needs children need and how if they do not get these needs, their mental health will turn for the worse. Ian Mannuel was abandoned by his family before the crime he committed took place {153}. He was alone on the street, had little to nothing when the crime took place. Though this is not an excuse to rob anyone, it did take part in why the crime was committed. If an adult were to commit this crime, their time would be significantly less than what Ian had. He was sentenced to life in prison, and was secluded in a single cell with no mattress. In the specific prison he was sentenced to, it is five times more likely for him to become victim of sexual assault {152}. Because of how isolated he was, his mental health took a turn for the worse. He tried to commit suicide multiple times, which caused him to stay in isolation for a year straight. The prison was detrimental to his mental health, yet did nothing about it because of a mistake he made for being alone and scared.

The justice system today has an unjust system. The mental health of children is not being cared for as it should in jails, though children should not even be put to trial as an adult, much less be in jail with adults. There has been reports that children and teens are more likely to be sexually abused than anyone else in an adult facility. If we think it is not acceptable for children to be by themselves, making decisions for themselves, then how can we believe that it is acceptable for kids to be locked in a cell with other criminals who may have no apathy for children.[a] Having money and being known should not have a part in anyone’s trial. A child is a child, no matter the crime. The judicial system needs to look back on their past cases and see how the sentences they have given these children and teens affected them. Not everyone is perfect, but children should not have to suffer for the rest of their lives based on one bad decision they made.


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