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10 Things Not to Say to a Suicidal Person Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative

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- Do not threaten to beat or beat the individual : yea! it would be nice to beat them up and watch them try harder next time.

- Do not panic and start calling other people: unless you’re very sure other people will help in the situation, do not start calling other people immediately try talking to them calmly, otherwise this might push them over the edge

- Do not talk about unfair the world: you’ll just be giving them one more reason to leave this world on a platter of gold, instead talk about things and opportunities they might miss out on if they decide to leave the world

- Do not NOT talk about it : ignoring a suicidal person after a rescue is purely inhumane . it is important to talk about the issues that pushed the person to that point weather the person is responsive or not, weather you’re a therapist or not.

- Do not ask questions about the individual’s past: making them recall the past will only instigate the individual. Try telling a funny happy story.

- Do not dare them: for what it’s worth do not dare the individual by thinking they’ll get scared and not do it, some might want to prove you wrong at that moment.

- Do not blame them later: suicidal thoughts are reoccurring thoughts. blaming the individual for attempting this act might later on prompt them to do it again.

- Do not dismiss a suicide attempt as a play for attention : most individuals that indulge in this act are coming from a dark place , throwing are sort of accusation their way will be over exaggerated in their minds and will alsoprompt them to try harder.



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