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Architecture of Finess or Violence

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This architectural marvel that has been celebrated over the centuries, all around the world has promoted violence and glorified it in innumerable ways. The victors of the arena were entitled to a certain amount of fame and wealth which added to the augmentation. The vigour with which underground fights, wrestling, boxing, martial arts and other fighting matches are viewed today and betted upon signifies the way people regard violence and amuse themselves. Apart from this, video games, drama series and a good quantity of movies have been produced depicting gladiatorial and animal fights in relation to the Colosseum.

Art work, which is the visual representation of ideas, has a way too stronger effect on its viewers than they usually seem to realize. It influences their outlook towards various tangible and intangible things on multiple levels consciously and subconsciously, shaping their personalities according to the way they perceive them. The effect of certain artworks is such that it tends to amplify some specific desires while shunning the others. The Romans, who are believed to have influenced the world, did not only do that through material invention but by influencing human behaviour and associating certain degree of charisma with violence.


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