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The Importance of Completing Task

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little action had massive results on the entire nation. The United States of America lost

an amazing president, Mrs. Lincoln became a widow, and Major Henry Rathbone and

his fiancé who accompanied the president that night, saw a horrendous, brutal, and

inhumane act of hatred. All because one man wanted to be lazy. All because one man

wanted to enjoy a few drinks on shift. All because one man wanted to do nothing more

than the bare minimum. His lack of energy has left a permeant stain on American


I never want to be compared to a Soldier like that. John Parker lacked the energy

to do a simple task, to sit on a chair in the hallway. A man whose values got

compromised by boredom and a few drinks. I want to be a Soldier that my battle

buddies can count on. A battle buddy that is looked at as a hard worker, one who goes

the extra mile to accomplish the mission. One that not only understands the army

values but lives them as well. A Soldier that corrects other Soldiers for the same mistake

he as previously made. John Parker could have stayed there for his shift, just like I

could have paid more attention during the morning briefings and not completing my

tasks before the deadline.

In conclusion, I have learned from my mistake of not finishing my task, something

I saw as harmless could have major effects down the road. By me not completing the

- dispatches on time, showed I lack time management, and is something I am currently

working on. To become a better Soldier. So, that the next time a task is given to me, I

will not be the reason that the mission is compromised. I will do my part, even if it

seems like something small. Just like Kevin Michel said “Small shifts in your thinking,

and small changes in your energy, can lead to massive alterations of your end result.”

Small changes in my thinking from now on will lead to massive changes. Tasks will get

done correctly and promptly. The historic example I used shows that small changes in

my behavior can have massive changes down the road. Wither it means the missions

being compromised due to my tasks not being complete or it means not being able to

go home on time, or it means a piece of equipment breaks or becomes worse because I

failed to complete my tasks. I will remember my army values, and from now on

complete all tasks promptly.



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