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Technology Has Caused Strains in Human Relationships

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Technology has caused strains in human relationships. Do you agree or disagree? Give three reasons. In the conclusion, discuss your opinion and give a recommendation.

Word limit: 500-550

Date of submission: 30 December 2016, Friday

Number of references: at least THREE (3)

Technology has become very powerful today. It brings both advantages and disadvantages. Today, it is almost expected of everyone to have a smartphone or use internet. Definitely, technology influences human relationships. Therefore, I agree that technology has caused strains in human relationships. In this essay, I will support with my stand with explanations, elaboration and examples.

Firstly, one of reasons is online communication affects human relationships. We can injure or break our relationships much easier than in person because of misunderstanding caused by electronic devices. We have to type and send electronic messages carefully because it is unchangeable. I have researched a example that a woman texted to her son as ‘your greater aunt just passed away. LOL’. Then her son asked her ‘why it is funny’ because LOL means laughing out loud and the woman had to explain that she thought that it means lots of love. It caused argument between mother and son. This is the usual misunderstanding caused by technology. If we talk face to face, there will less be misunderstanding because we can explain immediately. As a result, technology causes misunderstanding that strains the relationships.

Secondly, another reason is people do not balance the time on Internet with the time that they spend with family and friends. Today, people of every age group spend a lot of time on the Internet, using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter instead of spending time talking to their friends and parents about their experiences or what they have done at school or work. For example, according to CNN newspaper, teenagers spend 9 hours a day using the social media and it can be much longer but they spend no time with their parents, their teachers and their friends. They want to be alone to watch TV shows, Korean dramas etc. Technology addiction is alarming and a warning for parents about many consequences. It may cause the dangers also. It affects family bonding and friend bonding because they do not spend time together. Therefore, technology addiction reduces the time for people to improve human relationship, thereby straining it.

Thirdly, the last reason technology ruins spousal relationships and leads to divorces. Communicating is


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