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Global Warming Caused by Humans

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The solution for slowing down global warming according to Bryan Walsh who says “a tipping point is the place at which the momentum for change becomes unstoppable." He argues that the momentum toward a much warmer Earth has grown so strong that nothing humans can do will reverse the movement. All that can be done for humans is to try to lessen the damage by drastically cutting greenhouse releases and preparing to adapt to the change. (Bryan 2007)

In conclusion we as people created the issue of global warming. There for we as people need to try to take the necessary action to restore it. We only have one planet earth and there may not be another chance to have it again. The change of elements may just be the warning sign to an issue that is larger. There are solutions for us to stop and or slow down global warming. However it is the question of do we want to act or not. That is are decision.

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