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Chemical Reactions and Global Warming

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Integrative Activity Chemistry 2


Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León

Preparatoria 16

Chemistry 2

Integrative Activity

Group: 116

Evelin Yamileth Cantú Cabral

Julio Cesar Ramiro Mayorga

Christopher Iván Del Mercado Sánchez

Cielo Guadalupe Reyes Gutiérrez

José Raymundo Ortiz Ruvalcaba

Melanie Querube Salgado Páez

San Nicolás de Los Garza, N.L, 10/ february /2017

Chemical Reactions and Global Warming

Carbon Cycle Diagram

Carbon means all the organic molecules that make up living things. It is found in the atmosphere in the form of carbon dioxide (CO2), in soil and dissolved in water.

Carbon cycle, how does it work?

- Through photosynthesis, plants transform atmospheric CO2, water, organic matter (carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and nucleic acids), from which live animals feed through the food chains, where it becomes part of the Body of these living beings.

Then the Carbon is returned to the environment:

Through the breathing process: During respiration, animals and plants consume organic matter and return CO2 to the atmosphere or water.

By combustion processes: Carbon is incorporated into the atmosphere through the combustion processes that generate in forest fires, volcanic activity and the use of oil, natural gas or coal, in industrial activities, transport and households.

By decomposition: The remains of animals and plants are decomposed by bacteria. In this process, CO2 is released into the atmosphere or water, where it is used again by plants.

Symbolic representation:

Of the main chemical reactions are:

CO2 + H2O + energy << H2O (carbohidrato) + O2.

CO2 + CO3 2-(carbonato) + H2O << 2HCO3 (ácido carbónico).

(Ca, Mg)SiO3 (roca silicato)+ 2CO2 + 3H2O (CA, Mg)2 + 2HCO3- (bicarbonato) + Si (OH)4.

How has the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere increased? And what effects has it taken?

The concentration of Co2 has increased due to environmental factors that depend on everything we produce and consume, from the waste we throw to the energy that the enormous factories spend. Why? Because they produce gases, these are mostly CO2 and these increase to what is the "Greenhouse effect" and with this effect the ozone layer opens and gives entry to ultraviolet rays, bringing with it problems such as increased Temperature, skin problems, melting of the poles, deforestation, among others

Increasing CO2 increases the greenhouse effect, which brings with it the problems we have already mentioned,


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