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The Fall of the Twin Towers: Causes and Repercussions at a Global Level

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The Fall of the Twin Towers


The Fall of the Twin Towers: causes and repercussions at a global level










What event happened on September 11, 2001 and why is remembered with so much sadness? The world shivered with this touching incident. No person in the world can forget the fatal suicidal terrorist attack on the Twin Towers of World Trade Center (WTC) that was a complex in New York, city called the city of the skyscrapers. It was produced by the terrorist group al Qaeda, whose leader is the multimillionaire of Saudi origin Osama Bin Laden. That day in the morning, nineteen members of this jihadi network, between them a pilot terrorist, kidnapped four commercial planes, two of which crashed into the Twin Towers, at the same time the third one against the Pentagon in Virginia and the last one right after in Pennsylvania. Million people in the world through the television were contemplating terrified how these facts were happening where more than three thousand people died, between them more than four hundred police officers and firemen and the double or more wounded. Since the bombing of Pearl Harbor, it is considered the worst tragedy that the United States has lived in its history up to today. It is difficult to the Americans to get over very much this trauma. And it is understandable, because there is no any argument to be able justify this so perverse and huge outrage. It is not only a simple memory, it is necessary to understand that in this way of intolerant humanity we can only speak about a step back, of going back to the time of the caverns.

When that happened, in that moment George W. Bush was the president of the United States of America and this defined its presidency, since this attack caused important initiatives of the United States to fight against the terrorism. It was, it is and it will be remembered for prompting the strategy of “the War on Terror” in Middle East.

After this attack, the place where the Twin Towers fell down have represented symbolically the economic power and the world potency of the United States, being an icon of New York.


What is al Qaeda about? Al Qaeda is a terrorist fundamentalist religious movement also considered international that is dispersed around the world. Its leader was Osama Bin Laden and he founded it in the eighties, applying the Islamic law. Bin Laden was caught and downed in the year 2011. At present, the leader is Ayman al Zawaihri. This movement fights against the American governments, Israeli and all its partners. Over the years every time more people join this organization, to this day it has almost twenty thousand members. From the attack of September 11, also it has been responsible of many other in the whole world, as for example the attack of March 11, 2004 in Madrid (Spain), between many others.

On the one hand, It seemed interesting to me to consult the literal meaning of al Qaeda after all the damage that it has caused. I have found that it can mean both “The base” and “The rule”. To “The base” perhaps it does not make much sense for me, but to “The rule” I find the meaning of something like the worthy justice imposed on the part of the yihadists, what dictates the Islamic law, as I have said earlier.

On the other hand, also I have been looking for information about World Trade Center, where the Twin Towers were located, and I have found information about something that I did not know: first of all, that on February 13, 1975 there was a fire in the north tower that it extended for three apartment, secondly that on February 26, 1993 also suffered a terrorist attack on the part of al Qaeda, and this time the guilty centred on one of the two Twin Towers and caused the death of six people and about thousand people turned out to be injured. It was carried out across an explosion, which finished in a fire. The bombs were transported in a truck. Obviously this attack caused devastation. The investigations of the FBI discovered that the people in charge were an Egyptian fundamentalist clandestine organization, and they were condemned to life imprisonment. Finally, also there was a theft on February 14, 1998 on the part of a member of the mafia called Ralph Guarino, who obtained access to the maintenance of the WTC.


That day, September 11, 2001, nineteen people associated to al Qaeda seized power of four planes to attack objectives belonging to the United States. The two first ones crashed in each of the Twin Towers, the third one in the Pentagon in the outskirts of Washington D. C. and the fourth in Pennsylvania, in a field.

In the first moment, while the events happened, the people were observing incredulous the images without having knowledge of what happened. Nobody had ever imagined that it was a terrorist attack.

You do “click” in Internet and unlimited hypotheses and conspiratioral theories go out for you about whom was the originator of this attack against the Twin Towers and why it was like that. There are many crazy ideas but with sense and others that are conspiracies but nowadays there are people who continues believing that, people will continue conspiring in exchange for huge sums of money.

The theories are very well dismantled, for me the form in which they do it is excellent, although I will share it in the shape of summary:

On the one hand, there are people who thinks that it was an auto-attack, which was a plan very well designed from the American government, that the plan was born from the inside of the White House and the Pentagon:

1. That the bombs were activated by remote control: The experts who examined defend that it


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