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Technology Changes Human Relationships

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Thirdly, the teacher and student also have the difference between the before and during the era of technology. Before the era of technology, students have to take all the classes in the classroom, no matter the student is how far from the school. Students always focus on the teacher, because nothing can attract their attention. But during the era of technology, students started to watch smartphone in the class, they always text message or refresh their social software. Students ignore the content of the teacher's teaching, which is not respectful to the teacher. In the other hand, remote education gives more students the opportunity to receive the education. Students who are far away from the school can have classes at home through the Internet. For example, last year, I took the De Anza College online class in China, even thought the distance is far away like 7000 miles, I can still listen to the class, and ask some questions to teacher online. It didn’t effects communicate with my teachers.

Finally, the last is the doctor and patients relationships are changed in two eras. Before the technology era, patients have to take the medical record to see a doctor, if not, the doctor can not know the patients’ medical history. In the hospital, there is no more equipment to help patients, so if doctors only give some medical, it is hard to cure. During the era of technology, doctors can record the all the information of the patients into the computer, the doctors can know medical history about the patents. Advanced medical equipment always helps patients to make a definite diagnosis. X-ray and CT help patients a lot. Patients are more trust doctors, so they can keep a good relationship.

The relationship between people is very important, and it is also very close. Interpersonal relationship exists in any era, as before the essay mentioned the four relationships like parents-children, teacher-student relationship, friendship or partnership, the doctor-patient relationship, no matter in which era, people should have a good relationship with others. In nowadays, we should make the best use of technology to deal with human relationship.

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