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Synthesis Essay Community Service

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He says he became interested in the field because of his volunteer work” (Source 3). It is his dedication at such a young age that will encourage others to pursue the same feeling of achievement as he does. From this experience, John now wants to pursue a nursing career. He never would have taken this career path if it weren’t for this volunteer opportunity. This story shows the positive result of community service, because it may lead one into a career path that one may never had thought of pursuing before volunteering. The sources presented to the reader give both the pros and cons of requiring community service for a high school diploma. Also discussed is a concrete counter argument to requiring community service. As expressed in, “In the Good name of Community Service”, gives many counter-examples as to why community service should not be required in order to receive a diploma, by stating, “But when you’re putting it on a college application, you want to at least have an officer position” (Source 4). This shows the attitude of some students who develop community service to boost their qualifications on college applications. Furthermore, it is shown by this excerpt that this manipulation may be encouraged in order to satisfy one’s own personal gain.

Required community service should be implemented in all schools, because it is essential to the growth and self-sufficient maturity of the students. By making an immense contribution to one’s community, one will see the power they have as an individual at such a young age. This implementation will advance them for the rest of one’s life in many ways.


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