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Notes for Business Proposal Meeting

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→ down grade

Negotiation: challenge others, and defend;

make use of your critical skills


Show your persuade power, skills

For higher grade, you need to show what strategy you use when people challenge u, try to defend politely

Be positive

Be prepared

Be confident

Be motivated

Be recognized

Be careful with details



Refer to a well-written agenda

Be specific and concise

Sell yourself

Sell your offering

Close the deal (conclude what the deal is about)

Nail your deliver

Show accurate details, don't say anything that uncertain


Possible questions from your audience

1. Benefits of the project

2. Competition in the market

3. You or your team’s experience

4. Real value of the idea/product/service

5. Technical questions

6. Costs

7. Clarification questions


Some strategies for answering questions are outlined below:

1. Always invite questions from the audience in a polite manner. Do not just say “Any questions?” That can appear impolite. Instead, say something like: “Now, I’d be happy to answer any questions you have”.

2. If you do not have an answer ready, do not stare blankly back at the questioner or look confused or worried.

3. Do not repeat the question quietly to yourself while you think of an answer.

4. Instead, rephrase the question and tell the audience what it was. This is a useful technique as some members of the audience might not have heard the question and it gives you time to think. You can start with “So, the question is...”

5. If you do not have an answer, say something like “I’m sorry. I don’t have that information available at the moment, but I’d be happy to get back to you later”. Make sure you do follow up.

6. Try to appear confident and in control of the situation, even if you do not know the answer.

7. Finally, remember that if your competitor gets the deal, loosing charismatically shows that you are professional. You may be asked to give your pitch next time.


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