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Domestic Violence Statistics

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violence, as explained in the song Pearl, demotes self-respect, makes women to be afraid to be themselves, and silences their voice because women still feel the need to impress other people. Unfortunately, there is no cure for domestic violence. Domestic violence can happen to anyone at any point in their life, whether they are children, teens, or even elders. The song Pearl, and other songs by Katy Perry, are about domestic violence, about women who are subdued into silence and shoved into a corner by their partners. More often than not, women tend to keep quiet about their abuse, hoping that their partners will change. According to The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence’s Web site, domestic violence awareness month is October, typically the first Monday in October, and people wear purple in honor of the victims of domestic violence (2011). The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, or NCADV, set up a project in October of 1994 called “Remember My Name”, which was created to help increase public awareness for domestic violence deaths by printing a poster with the names of every woman killed by an intimate partner in the previous year (2011). On the NCADV website, interested parties can submit the name of a loved one who was killed by domestic violence to help the NCADV further their research. No one deserves to be domestically abused; anyone has the power to stop it.


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