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A Concise, Clear and Comprehensive Definition of Each Type of Barrier

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When the fuel almost run out, the crew stays to get confused and angry. These emotions make them hard to receive and deliver the message.

Linguistic barrier

Although the pilot is highly experienced, his English is poor. Thus, all the communication with the air traffic controller is handled by the co-pilot which is not experienced. For example, if the pilot good at English, he can choice the better word to describe the fuel problem accurately.

Organizational barrier

All the communication are handled by the co-pilot. When the fuel problem becomes serious and they wait for a long time, the other members of the flight crew do not ask what happen and told the co-pilot what to do.

iii.) Between the different air traffic controllers

Physical barrier

The New York is one of the most congested airspaces in the world. The air traffic controllers have a lot of information and work to handle as there are a lot of aircraft ready for taking off and landing. In this busy environment, the air traffic controllers do not really focus on the Avianca ‘s aircraft. Moreover, the crew does not say how serious the fuel problem is. Thus, the traffic controllers forget to accept their request landing on the airport.

Organization barrier

There are different person communicate with the crew. The other do not tell the situation of the Avianca’s aircraft situation. They need time to follow up the case. They do not know how long the Avianca’s aircraft wait for landing.


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