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Extended Definition : Trust

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The other main aspect of trust is knowing that a person will always tell you the truth and not hide anything. This is often the biggest problem with trust with lovers, when one person will be hiding things from the other. This often leads to the suspicious person snooping around in their partner’s things, reading their text messages and emails, and even following them if they suspect that they are lying about where they are going. Often this problem is caused by another break of trust: cheating…

Cheating is often the worst thing that people can do to their partner, as the trust placed in that person is on the understanding that they will not be with another person. However, it is often that lying that goes with cheating that is the biggest problem, and worse than the cheating itself. For example, many people are able to forgive their partners if the offence has been admitted to straight away and apologized sincerely for. You have to learn to trust each other before being able to be in a relationship with your partner. If it’s something that cannot be done, then it would be a bad idea if you try to get with someone. You need to be able to feel confident that when your partner is talking with another person, you know nothing will happen. When you catch someone cheating, you get mixed feelings. Whether it’d be sadness or just angry. However, if someone finds out another way that their partner has cheated, through another person or through their own investigations, it is often unforgivable.

Therefore, trust is very important to us. Without it, people cannot live with each other in unity. Trust is a big factor in unity. It can only be explained fully by our hearts. There is something special inside us that allow us to trust and be trusted. People have a place in our hearts and that is why we trust them. It is also the same to them; we have a place in their hearts. It is like a magic in this world that every living thing possesses. It is betting our life just to express ourselves.


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