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Defining Freedom: Definition by Experience

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Civil liberty is the second type of liberty that is included in the definition of freedom. The Oxford English Dictionary mentions that civil liberty is being free of a tyrannical ruler, but it can also refer to being exempt from certain laws that might not seem just. The character of Lucifer in Paradise Lost is a clear example of someone who was able to free himself from a ruler he felt was despotic.

The last type of liberty, and perhaps the most imperative to most people, is the liberty of action. Liberty of action encompasses much of civil and personal liberty, but also makes room for many more kinds of choices -- from great to trivial. Liberty of action can be exercised in small choices like what a person will wear to work that day or what they will eat for lunch, and it is also exercised when a person chooses to break a rule. God grants humans the ability to make their own decisions regarding anything, including making the choice to eat of the Tree of Knowledge. The serpent tells Eve in Paradise Lost, “... Why then was this forbid? Why but to awe? Why but to keep ye low and ignorant.” Although Eve is persuaded by the serpent, she does eventually make the choice to eat and she also convinces Adam to eat the fruit as well. Liberty of action gives Adam and Eve the ability to choose to disobey.

Freedom is a common theme in man’s book of life. Freedom to think, act, and make choices is what moves each of our stories along. Without free will, the characters would not be able to explore their own faith, choose their own friends or mate, vote for their leader, or make those everyday decisions humans hardly think twice about. Freedom is so very hard to define, but with experience, anyone will be able to form their own idea of what freedom is, and he or she will be exercising their liberty of action with developing that very idea.


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