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course I’ll come. I’ve packed my galoshes and three packets of tomato seeds,” (line1). The girl and her family have to go to a relocation center because they were considered threats to the national security. The girl and her family were already established in America, they lost their freedom because they were believed to be a threat because of their race at the time. The only reason why they were excluded from their normal lives, was because of the fear of the Americans of World War II. In the picture “Playground in Tenement Alley”, Boston shows how people are living in poverty. The people in the picture are like any other immigrants who come to America for a better life, to have freedom and opportunities. But just like seen in the picture, that goal of freedom and opportunities often doesn’t come true. People come to America with the hope of improvement, but instead they are reprimanded and may often times live in poverty, not much different from the places they came from.

America is known as a nation of freedom, but most of the time that freedom isn’t achieved. Like in The Bean Trees and in “Immigrants” people change their way of being, to be accepted in a new place and get their freedom. Also, people sometimes don’t realize they have never had freedom until something bad happens regarding their freedom. Just like “In Response to Executive Order 9066” the girl and her family have to leave because of their raise and if America was a free country they would have been able to continue with their lives without any obstacles of being secluded. Sometimes people think that since America is supposedly a free country everything is going to be better, and for some people it is but most of the time people live in poverty and are suffering because they don’t have the freedom they were promised. Yes, America is so called the land of the free but that freedom is sometimes hard to achieved or tampered with.


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