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A True Fight for Freedom

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The officer placed John in a cell with another famous freedom fighter named Ron, who was sent to jail multiple times for treason, but since he had a good lawyer he was let out every time.

“I’ve heard a lot about you, John,” Ron said. “People tell me that you are the new hope for America. I’m very impressed, and you know what I am going to do for you? I’m going to get you out of this jail so you can continue your mission to freedom. I am going to let you use my lawyer so he can get you out of here as soon as possible.”

“I appreciate it a lot, thanks,” John replied.

Two month later, John got out of the city jail and went back to making his inspiring speeches around the colonies. At his 50th speech, he had reached 20000 followers. He and his followers started boycotting British products and making their own to show that they had already separated from the British, just not officially. John also convinced many British officers to turn to the side of the Americans, and yet he did this all without resorting to violence. Not a single human being was injured during his campaign, except for him. Sometimes British police would raid his movement and they would torture John until he was too bruised and beat up to even walk. Still John continued in with making his great speeches to inspire people to fight for their unalienable rights, and for their undeniable freedom.

2 years later John finally succeeded and got the British to leave America without any more violence and war. He died 5 years later from internal damage that British police had caused. He was always remembered by whoever stepped foot on America. John’s legacy was continued by his son George. He left George with the great words that he had been left with: a true man’s honor is only earned through the devotion to his people, his country, and his freedom. George listed to his father’s advice and became the first president of the United States of America.

About the Author

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Author Shanay Randeria is an eighth grader from Horner Junior High School. He lives in Fremont, California with his parents, Kavi and Deepti. Shanay likes to read many books and also likes to play football with his friends. He wants to be a software engineer or a video game maker when he grows up. He has written many stories throughout his entire life and thinks that all kids should do so. He thinks that writing is a main essential to having a good imagination, which is important for kids to have.

A True Fight for Freedom

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By: Shanay Randeria

Horner Junior High

Miss Burke

Grade 8

A True Fight for Freedom


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