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has grown organically and I am living through the consequences of a reactive type of management that needs to become more proactive as the organization plans for further growth. Planning enables a team to anticipate and prepare for a recurring systematic problem instead of having to devise and reintroduce a new solution and a temporary fix every time the same problem arises. Unfortunately, although I am one of the decision-makers in my company, I have not been able to implement planning evenly throughout the organization. As a matter of fact, in the past, I was the kind of leader that was fueled by this kind of unpredictable and reactive environment because it provided me with a false sense of importance. When the organization was smaller, all decisions used to be funneled to me and I used to react personally to every problem. This is very destructive for both the organization and its teams because it hinders the growth of all other members and places a false emphasis at the top. Planning, on the other hand, enables a team to leverage its resources in a meaningful and predictable fashion, and removes the importance of a single leader -who is always in short demand- to provide an answer to the next problem.

My single most important quality and probably the most prevalent reason behind my success is my discipline. I always felt that I could achieve anything I set my mind to, and to this day, this mantra has not failed me. I strongly believe that with self-discipline and self-reflection, I will be able to transform my organization and create an environment within which everyone will grow in an egalitarian fashion. Another strength that I have is my ability to understand people’s circumstances and to relate to them with genuine empathy. This strength has been instrumental throughout my career. It has helped me with conflict resolution and team building, and it has served as a foundation of trust for the people that surround me. Finally, I am comfortable with risk. I believe that risk is a necessary aspect of business and life. In the absence of risk there would be no change, progress, or innovation. Therefore, when I have evidence that the current state of affairs is not producing results, I am compelled to explore new possibilities and to experiment with new methodologies that could possibly lead me to realizing my personal and professional goals and aspirations.


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