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The Problems Reflected by Deng’s Policy

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Though Communist party of China is well aware of that crony capitalism is a big obstacle to China’s development, they would still keep the current state against public’s aspiration. The CPC has continued such a pattern through the second and third generation leaders with the goal to strategically reinforce and extend their power. It is of their own interest, they will never take actions against their children (China's "Princelings" Economy).

Foxconn, the Apple supplier, has attracted worldwide attention for repeated reports of unsafe working conditions. In May 2011, an explosion at its iPad plant in Chengdu killed three employees. But Foxconn isn’t alone: Media accounts of dangerous working conditions at Chinese industrial facilities abound. Some analysts believe corruption is partly to blame—that many companies use their political relationships to circumvent safety oversight and regulations. New research provides backing for this claim, demonstrating a strong link between worker deaths from accidents and the political connectedness of corporate executives (Raymond and yongxiang).

China’s crony capitalism problem can only be solved by law, not by the leaders. The cause of china’s crony capitalism is Deng’s policy and fundamentally cause of the monopoly of the CPC. Socialism and even communism are utopianism, beautiful but unrealistic. Once one or a group have the power with non-supervision and non-restriction, then it becomes to an arbitrary power. Today democratic waves are sweeping the world, such as Color Revolution and Tunisian Revolution. China’s democratization is coming soon.

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