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By Building a New Financing System, Are Candidates Mocking the Rules?

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Author’s Credentials: Rohtensburg has a PhD from the University of Connecticut, and has contributed to such papers as the Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and the New York Times. Additionally, he has been featured on CNN, and is most famous for his column, The Rothesnburg Report.

Summary: This article did not discuss the actual impact of campaign finance, but why reporters so often choose it as their subject of choice. As Rothensburg states, journalists do not discuss campaign finance because of its cultural relevance, or its importance to the election cycle, but because of the vast amount of data available and its ability to energize the public.

Bias: Rothensburg seems to have had a great deal of bias against political reporters, which I find to be ironic as he himself is a political reporter.

Questions Answered: Why do so many reporters write about campaign finance?

Questions Created: Why exactly do articles on campaign finance energize the public if they all report the same things?

Sanders, Bernie. “Bernie Sanders on Campaign Finance.” C-SPAN. C-SPAN. 4 Aug 2015. Television.

Author Credentials: Sanders is a democratic candidate for president, and has served as the senator for Vermont for myriad years.

Summary: Sanders begins his speech by quoting Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, especially emphasizing the government by the people and for the people. He states that the corruption in the campaign finance system is a threat to Lincoln’s vision of government. He then speaks of the Citizens United decision, and how it gave billionaires the power to purchase elections, and flood the political process. He continues by quoting Jimmy Carter, who has also made statements on the corruption in our campaign finance system. He then concludes by stating that campaign finance reform is an issue for all people, regardless of socioeconomic class or political affiliation, and that we need said reforms in order to restore Lincoln’s vision of government.

Bias: Sanders maintains a bias against superpacs and billionaire backers, and is strongly against the current campaign finance system.

Questions Answered: How far back do ideas of campaign finance legislation date? Who would campaign finance reform benefit? Who currently supports the idea of campaign finance reform?

Questions Created: What exactly would campaign finance reform entail? How exactly to other presidential candidates feel about current finance legislation?


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