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building the Boeing 787

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Building The Boeing 787.

The main problem with Boeing 787 is that it has a unique production process that enables quality assurance in the manufacturing process as it is assembled and manufactured in various parts of the world to save costs and keep staff hired under outsourcing.

Although this scheme generates cost reduction in wages has only generated that present quality and design errors by not respecting a single process.

The aircraft design process was, however, remarkably difficult. And many parts were assembled for the first time by suppliers scattered around the world, rather than being assembled by Boeing itself.

It is a form of outsourcing (outsourcing) has worked well in much of the manufacturing process, but is responsible for delays in delivery of the aircraft.

The worst scenario for Boeing would discover a design flaw send engineers back to the drawing board, and remove from service to 787 for a long time.

On the other hand solve the problems associated with the global supply chain of major products these days requires a flexible, adaptable and consistent approach. One need look no further than the newest commercial aircraft designed by Boeing to see how much the company is willing to realize the many benefits of a huge extended global supply chain decentralized. Experience and expertise focus directly on the individual components. The responsibility for profits and losses are concentrated in smaller, more manageable (and therefore responsible) business units.

The risk is diversified across multiple supply chains. The benefits of local markets (as cheap labor and proximity to raw materials) can be exploited. The list is endless. But the strategy Boeing also shows some of the inherent risks and unfortunate consequences associated with the management of that supply chain. Unfortunately, it is one thing to map all potential benefits of a diversified global chain of supply, but quite another for the company and its executives out alive is because of the risks involved.

While the new Boeing 787 can be one of the most ambitious attempts benefits of a global supply chain extended, we can find other examples of all sizes, shapes and flavors. Globalization is only another way of saying "the global supply chain."

Like it or not, you are here to stay. Companies that learn to manage the risks of the global supply chain can expect to reap at least, the reward of survival. But learning to proactively manage problems encountered in such a diverse system can hope to govern their sectors.




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