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Starbucks Contemporary Business

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- Opportunities

One of the opportunities of Starbucks is increasing globalization of markets will make their company more huge such as more outlets can be opened, some authors maintain that young people in different countries have more in common than people of different age groups in the. The opportunities that can get from here are Starbucks can have a target with customer with values, needs, habits and preferences.

Starbucks also can get an opportunity by having a temporary occupation of premises as part of for example, music and cultural events. It might attract some of the generations such as young people or students. Moreover, the enduring trend for “drive-thru” premises and kiosks or in a public transportations, relatively low cost. It may help Starbucks in increasing their sales and profit, raise brand awareness and loyalty further.

Increased interest in corporate responsibility, ethical trading and sustainable coffee growing techniques for reducing the carbon footprint provide Starbucks with a competitive advantage as it has always adopted ethical business strategies.

- Threats

The increasing of issues with healthy lifestyles is a very threats issue in Starbuck’s company. Most of people that having a good balancing diet, would not take any caffeine drinks that might destroy their body and brain. The secret will be finding suitable product or drinks for those consumers who cannot drink caffeine too much. A quality of un-caffeine will provide a good feedback from customers.

Climate change will present a threat of coffee production. Therefore, it will make the raw materials more expensive. It is not very good to the Starbuck’s company because it will present more cost and less profits.

There is a very strong competition between Starbucks such as Costa Coffee firmly in the number one spot. It is very important for Starbucks to maintain a relationship and attract more customers to join them as a loyal customer. Starbucks also need to have in touch with customer such as informing them whenever they are having a promotion, a birthday gift or new products. So, the consumer will purchase by knowing from e-mail or message.

- What measurement guidelines is Starbucks Company using to verify strategic effectiveness & How is effective are the measurement guidelines to Starbucks Company?

Competitor is always changing their strategic to have big marketplace in the world and it might be a lot of big worries to Starbucks Company. Therefore, Starbucks needs to be efficient and strength to produce a new product, new entrants to the marketplace and the bargaining power of consumer.

Brand recognition is crucial factor in business growth where customers readily pay premium prices for robust brands. Consumer will feel satisfaction because of their brand loyalty is very reasonable to them. Brand yield is not affects to the external stakeholders but it also affects the internal stakeholder. Employee feel pleasant and victory when the performance of their Starbuck outlets is doing very well as their own success that enhances organizational efficiency.

The Starbucks has positioned its brand in the market with a high quality customer experience brand. Starbucks sells a good high quality within the all the products and services with the premium price. That makes the Starbucks Company is different from other company brands, they are very particular with customer experience. Starbucks has designed the store with Italian bars. The Starbucks provides a home like experience to its customers. The customers of Starbucks are very loyal to the Starbucks brands because of their shops environment and their services. This is the priority of the Starbucks Company to make their markets is in the world all the time.

The marketing of brand is very important in order to promote products of brand among the target market. The Starbucks uses word of mouth marketing for promoting its products among customers. The customers actually are enjoying the coffee taste and environment of coffee shop of Starbucks. Starbucks has used a comfortable and elegant environment and furniture, soft music on the background, a small message from Starbuck companies and warm place to enjoy the coffee. The Starbucks is the name of comfortableness, fascination, satisfaction, smartness, and enjoyment of life (Hanft, 2005). Starbucks company famous with their concern to the relationship within their customer, they want their customers are enjoying the conversation while drinking their coffee. Meanwhile, for students they could have a nice place to study or do their assignment with the soft background music and warm environment.

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Graph 1.1Biggest Coffee Chain in the UK

As follow in the graph, it shows that Starbucks has been a good competitive with four companies. Therefore, to maintain the value and sustain competitive advantage is a must to the Starbucks Company to make their company in a good profits and performances. These are the guidelines to the Starbucks Company to be efficient all the time.

A Connected Customer Experience

Starbucks seeks to provide a connected customer experience to build and maintain a long term relationship. More than just offering fine coffee, the coffee giant provides the “Starbucks Experience” which makes customers feel at home, forming a strong emotional attachment. Starbucks stores are designed with great ambiance in mind in accessible locations. Schultz believes that employees are the key to building a positive customer experience. A host of benefits such as health care, stock option plans, stock purchase plans, training and recognition has been implemented. Starbucks was ranked 7th in Fortune’s annual list of “100 Best Companies to Work For” in 2008.

Starbucks Rewards Card

Starbucks also introduced the Starbucks Reward Card that provides a lot of benefits. This is focus on customer returning to make purchasing and building loyalty. Starbucks has launched the Starbucks Company Survey which allowed the customers share their thought and give any recommendations that can make Starbucks improve their product and services. This is evident that Starbucks is committed to establishing long term relationships with the customer.

The Finest Coffee Beans

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