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Human Resource Test Question

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Career development impacts

It is a fact that majority of professional exits companies due to lack of opportunities for career growth. For the companies that want to retain their employees, active career development programs are a crucial tool (Sheridan, 1992). It is one of the main motivation factors that can keep an employee engaged and happy.



Jim did an excellent work with the bank and he should have been compensated more. Nonetheless, he ought to be satisfied with the offered package since the system does not allow more, unless he decides to be an employee of the current bank. In future, if Jim continues performing well, he will be able to secure a pay raise. Similarly, the bank should be flexible by changing its systems to accommodate changes.


The incentives offered by the bank are not adequate especially for branch managers. This is because the bank does not pay the branch managers commissions as compared to the sales personnel. The bank should implement an incentive program for bank managers for each additional sale (Tsai, 2011). This will in turn motivate the bank managers to deliver more and increase the future sales of the bank.


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