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Conman System Private Limited

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                                                                                   SUBMITTED BY : VIJAY S ( P40052)

Situational analysis


Alice George, a graduate in Master’s degree (management studies) worked in orion electronics initially and left there as she felt confined. And that was the time when the offer from conman systems had come in and she accepted it. After started working as a vice president (marketing), she found that PC sales have been laggard. She made major efforts to bring enough revenue to beat the sluggishness in the PC market. A year ago, company underwent a major change at the top level. she was informed by Amitabh Sen , the president group marketing that she has been promoted as Vice President (public relations) and her position was replaced by a new recruit. She verily expected to be promoted as Vice president(marketing).

Statement of objective

Alice yearning for a persistent career in the marketing department.

Decision problem statement

The given scenario reveals that male dominance in the conman system private limited enforce Alice to discharge from her current post and they deliberately asked to carry out in a new post  called Vice President (public relations) even though she has been instrumental in the rise of company’s sales of PC and laptops while in marketing department

This also potrays that Amitabh Sen, new managing director failed to give importance to Alice, whose contribution is innumerable in the company’s market share and being unethical and supporting the misconduct done by Naik.

Criteria for decision making

  1. Alice’s excellence in marketing
  2. Alice major role in the financial performance over the last 5 years

Decision process

Generating alternatives

  1. Alice can quit the job and start a new venture as she possess good marketing skills.
  2. The most efficient option is that Alice can give up her job and search for some other work in marketing sector.
  3. Alice may take the Vice President (Public Relations) post offered by Amitabh Sen , new managing director in conman system private ltd
  4. Alice may pursue her work in marketing by reporting to naik
  5. Alice may seek for the sales job through contacting Mr. Vijay Sammadar, her boss in Orion electronics for a sales job if he still works for Orion electronics.


Evaluation of alternatives

  1. Hardwork, pleasing personality, enthusiasm in understanding consumer market, instant rapport with people. With all these characters alice can easily start a new venture. As the capital to start a new venture is not known, it is unworthy for Alice to go with this alternative.
  2. Due to Alice excellency in marketing skills , she may be offered by many organisations.
  3. If Alice took Vice President (public relations) post, her contribution will be very little. Her career path will change and growth gets stopped.
  4. Alice is sticking to the values of the is unfair for her to work under Naik who is likely to bribe some functionaries of client organizations.
  5. It is unknown that Mr. Vijay Sammadar, one who counsels Alice while she leaving her job in Orion electronics is still working in the same organization.

Choice of an alternative

By looking at all the perspectives, the alternative that best suits for Alice is to quit the job as the top level organization in conman system private limited behaves unethical and immoral. She can join in some other organization under marketing department. This may acquire a remarkable growth in her profession.




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