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At-Will Employer

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Elaine has argued that her offer letter implied that she would not be fired easily. This was argued on the grounds of a contract exception. Elaine also argued that Jerry fired her because of discrimination. This argument was on grounds of a violation of Title VII. However, Jerry counters that his business is an At-Will Employment and he can discharge the employee without any reasons. About the discrimination, Jerry counters that he hired a male after fired Elaine because he wants to cut the costs, this is why the new employee has less education does not matter who is male or female.

As the judge, I am ruling object Elaine and awarding her no money in her case. In my opinion, Jerry had right to discharge Elaine without any reason. At-Will Employment does not has any contracts which means that said employment can be terminated at anytime. For the discrimination, there is no any evidence to support Jerry discriminated the female. These facts let me to rule in favor of Jerry.

In my opinion, it was an unfortunate situation. I think it is a little bit not fair for Jerry to hire Elaine and fire her after only two months and even no reason. Having a job and doing very well is very difficult, people always need time to learn and adapt. Every company should take responsibility for every employee that it has chosen to hire. If a company wants to discharge an employee, the person should be warned and counseled. Ultimately, I think the owner of business should with solid ethical intentions when they choose the employees even they can discharge employees without providing a reason. These types of discharge are almost more of an ethical issue than a legal issue.


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