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Hr Law - Employment-At-Will Doctrine

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In order to protect employees’ rights, manager can also make adjustments in the laws and regulations that provide the proper space to the employees to protect their rights in the organization. It can be helpful for the manager to maintain the relationship with the existing employees and can also be helpful to make effective environment for work (Miller & Jentz, 2009).

There are also some exceptions of employment-at-will doctrine that help employees to receive benefits from the law. In the given situation, employee has the rights to except or do not except the offer of manager or supervisor. In this situation, it can be stated that company provides the manuals of company’s policies that prevent employees to date with their supervisors (Cihon & Castagnera, 2010). It can also be helpful for the employees to maintain the relationship with the company as well as manager. Company’s policies provide the detailed information about the behavior of employees in the company.

In order to address the given situation, manager or supervisor can provide the detail information about the violation policy to the employees. It can be helpful for manager to inform employees about the legal procedures and policies of the company. Through this, manager can prevent any illegal activity of behavior in the organization (Doherty, Helms & Wright, 2005). In this situation, exceptions of employment-at-will doctrine also play an important role to prevent the right of employees. It is because in the exceptions of this law, employees have the right to refuse the offer of supervisor. It can also be stated that in the beginning or during the employee orientation, company provides detailed information about the policies that develop the understanding of employees (Cihon & Castagnera, 2010). This information also provides the platform for employees as well as manager to start contractual relationship with each other.

In this situation, employer also has the liability to take the actions regarding implementation of all the policies and procedures that help employees as well as employers to maintain effective environment of organization. To address this situation in successful manner, supervisor or manager should need to communicate all the processes employee orientation that develops the understanding of employees’ behavior in the organization (Doherty, Helms & Wright, 2005).


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