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Employer Branding at McDonald’s: Redefining McJobs

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4. McDonald’s compared to Burger King

One of the biggest McDonald’s competitors is Burger King. Both of them are fast food restaurants competing in providing food with fast service, low price and good quality.

When comparing, the McDonalds Singapore website is more attractive than the one of Burger King Singapore. While Burger King focuses more on showing the menu, McDonald’s is very successful at pointing out also other advantages, like food delivery service. McDonald’s has bigger offer of signature meals and special offers in terms of time.I believe this is very good strategy to attract local people as well as tourists who do not want to miss this one-time opportunity. Also, they provide mobile app that enables customers to give feedback, share their opinion and rate their service. This is an easy way to have constant overview over their experience and enables you to make quick reactions and changes in case of detected error in operation process. Customers get a feeling of contributing to community and are convinced that their opinion is important for managers, which makes them more loyal to the brand. One of the ways of winning customers is also providing nutrition information about the food. McDonald’s has online calories calculator where you can exactly see what you ate in your meal. Not only that this initiative brings customers who want to know what they are eating, it also serves as a proof of the quality and ingredients in the food. Customers now know that the company is not hiding anything from them, which is also a big contributor to loyalty.

5. Overcoming challenges in next five years

In my opinion the biggest challenge McDonald’s will face is increasing concern for health. To overcome the issue, they could focus more on providing new healthier meals besides only showing nutrition facts. In terms of creating better employer brand they could make campaigns with nutrition experts speaking about health. It would boost the concern about it and people would be eager to try new menus. Also they could try to cooperate with local suppliers of ingredients in each country. I think one of the successful employer branding strategies is Red Bull’s. They are one of the most common sponsors at different sport events. Even though they do not provide healthy drink, they managed to make it seem like they do. McDonald’s could do the same thing. Showing up at sport events and having different cooperation agreements with gyms would bridge the healthy activities and lifestyles with their food.

Challenge they may face is also technology slowly replacing human jobs. People could lose jobs and the need for hiring would be lower, leading to worse external perception. If managers are aware of the problem they can reduce consequences by finding new tasks for employees and replacing human force with technology only when it really brings a lot of advantages.

The restaurant market in general is getting bigger and bigger, leading to more competitive environment which can result in good changes but also in loss in profit margin. McDonald’s should have very efficient marketing and employer branding strategies in order to keep their customer share.

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