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How Important Are Brands Nowadays

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How important are brands nowadays


How important are brands nowadays? What is the attitude of people both adults and children toward brands?

Just imagine to some boys that want to use a special pair of pants or t-shirts that are very expensive because of the brand. Have you ever dressed in designer clothes? Are you one of the those people who want to use special brands in your clothes? Do you know how to expensive it is to wear clothing brand?

I was absolutely terrified when I realized that people always want to use brands at the time to get dressed. It is really awesome, people doesn't feel good if they aren't using brands. Before, people used to get dressed with something simple, depends of the country, nowadays people wants to use until their underwear with some brands. It is what I don't understand, it is ok if you want to wear a t-shirt or a pair of jeans that cost a lot, but today, here in México, people has no money to buy those clothes. More importantly, it is something that you can't do so easy.

Let's start with girls and guys who love wear this kind of clothes. I'm really interested in the way they behave with their clothes. Some guys think that using this sort of clothes is special and they think that their clothes is going to make them specials.

I think people who use this sort of clothes, want to be accepted in specifics groups in their schools. Here in México is very common see boys and girls wearing brands like 'Bershka' 'Pull and bear' and these kind of brands, but I think that people has no enough originality to wear another sort of clothes.


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