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Advantage of 360-Degee System

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Question 5 (a)
Illustrate three (3) advantage of 360-degree feedback system. (6 marks)

360-degree feedback system is one of method and tool that provide employees the opportunity to receive performance feedback from supervisor, peer, customer and subordinates, as well as self-evaluation. The benefits of using 360-degree feedback system is it can minimized the possibility of biases. Biases may occur when the evaluation is only from one rater. Therefore, 360-degree system can avoid biases because the information are gather form more than one sources. By having different perspective feedback, it more effective to measure employee’s performance.

Next, the advantage of 360-degree feedback system is improved self- perceptions of performance. Most of individual are triggered on other people perception about our-self. From the different expectation that gain from different source would likely to determine what that need to be improved and develop  in order to have a good performance.

Lastly, it increases employee’s control of their career. Different source provides different information on different dimension. Therefore, all the information is important to employee identifies what is their strength and weakness that need to improved or discard. For example, the customer will provide the information on communication and the skill, peers will provide the information about team work, subordinate will provide information about leadership, while supervisor give a information about employee’s performance task. If employees receive good feedback more from customer on their communication, so the employees would like to more focus on the communication skill because that it is strength. Indirectly it allows employees to control what they do in future by having the feedback from different perspective in different dimension.


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