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A Communication Executive Fails to Communicate

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Clear Guidelines / Implementation

Guidelines 1 (From Mr. Wang’s Perspective)

(1) Hold a meeting to introduce Mr. Wang to communication executives and plant managers from all plants. It’s a fast way to inform them who is in charge of communication.

(2) Pay visits to each communication executive to gather enough information. Mr. Wu’s connections to most of the plant managers would be of great help. Different plants might have different issues concerning supplies.

(3) Discuss optimal solutions to coordinate among different plants and secure essential supplies. It’s better to get all of the stakeholders, such as head office and plant managers, involved in the discussion.

(4) Follow up the implementation and make adjustments if necessary to keep things going.

Guidelines 2 (From the Company’s Perspective)

(1) Define the major external factors that have an impact on the stability of essential supplies. For example, most of the supplies are provided by a single supplier. It is better to seek more supplies to get more bargaining power.

(2) Build up relationships with more supplies and make a longer contract on supplies.

(3) Develop an internal IT system to allocate essential supplies to plants in demand. Head office will be able to keep a track of supplies and make sure all the demand are met.

Guidelines 3 (From Plant’s Perspective)

Given more resources and freedom, plants would be able to perform better. With the implementation of the stock incentive plan, they would weigh over cost and benefit. Thus, the difficulty of securing essential supplies would be overcome.

Beyond the Case

The course is called Leadership and Communication. No man is an island, but part of a continent. It is the communication that connect each other and make things happen. Leadership is also based on a good communicating skill. The difference between a successful company and an unsuccessful one is that the former one has a better communication and decision procedure, whether flat or vertical, to keep business operating and make innovations happen.


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