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  • Chinese Enterprise Income Tax Reform and Advices

    Chinese Enterprise Income Tax Reform and Advices

    - Problems resulted from double-track EIT system - The disunity is lack of standardization and contrary to equitability of taxes It is not proper to Chinese market-oriented economy, which requires objective developing. For the local extra aspect, it is a discrimination policy to domestic companies, so they are easily

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  • Choosing the Right Social Media Platform for Your Business – a Conceptual Framework

    Choosing the Right Social Media Platform for Your Business – a Conceptual Framework

    What goals does the company want to achieve with the help of social media? What business metrics are the benchmarks for the strategy’s success? 2. Strategy People Who do we want to talk with? What is there to know about them? About their interests, their goals, their lives, their

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  • Citibank in Asia - Launching the Credit Card in Asia Pacific

    Citibank in Asia - Launching the Credit Card in Asia Pacific

    Finally, Citibank should also enter most of Asian Pacific other countries like Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, etc. Why? Because, as mentioned in question 1, these economies are rapidly developing along with their financial infrastructure, which represents a very important marketplace for Citibank in the near future. Most of

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  • Classic Knitwear and Guardian: A Perfect Fit?

    Classic Knitwear and Guardian: A Perfect Fit?

    Other problems in proposed Guardian marketing program: Classic decided to sell their products under the name of Guardian instead of their own name. This might be beneficial and less risky fir Classic if the product fail in the market, but they will not achieve awareness for Classic’s brand name

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  • Clearwater Seafoods

    Clearwater Seafoods

    Third, the hazard risk occurs when the natural events affect the business, trading partners or customers. In the case of Clearwater, it is affected by the fish over-caught and the ocean pollution. Suggestion As the discussion above, Clearwater Seafoods is facing lots of uncertainties which will have negative impact

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  • Climate Change Debate as a “contact Zone”

    Climate Change Debate as a “contact Zone”

    Society’s relationship with the natural world can be seen as a “contact zone”, just like Guaman Poma’s letter. When scientists conduct research, their results are put into scientific terms that the scientists themselves would understand, but the general public would not. An example of this is the previous discussion

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  • Cloud Storage and Security

    Cloud Storage and Security

    Related work The research is essential theoretically in the sense that it creates a platform for further research. Inherently, it makes practical measures that should be taken to moderate against data or information privacy and security (Rajnish, 2011). Based on the same note, there are many privacy and security

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  • Club Mediterranee Case Study

    Club Mediterranee Case Study

    Impact of Increased Service Quality Satisfied customers are a key factor in the success or demise of a business. For Club Med, satisfied customers are an important marketing tool as they promote word of mouth marketing and so consistently improving service quality is essential to Club Meds growth. An

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  • Coca Cola Distribution Analysis

    Coca Cola Distribution Analysis

    Meanwhile, outside the United States which accounts 81% of the 29.3 billion yearly units sold (23.8 billion), their primary method of distribution outside of US is through these independent bottling partners which account for almost their entire sale outside of US. There are more than 275 of this partners

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  • Coca-Cola in 2011 - in Search of a New Model

    Coca-Cola in 2011 - in Search of a New Model

    has competition between Coke and Pepsi affected the industry and industry profitability? Coke and Pepsi operate within an oligopolistic industry, showcasing differentiated products with high barriers to entry and some degree of pricing power. The competition between Coke and Pepsi presents a double edged sword. On one side, it has

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  • Coca-Cola Philippines Swot Analysis

    Coca-Cola Philippines Swot Analysis

    Calendar and the Shift of the Easter Holiday - Price/Mix Grew 3% with Balanced Contribution Across the Operating Segments • Operating Margin and Comparable Currency Neutral Operating Margin (Non-GAAP) Expanded More than 90 Basis Points and More than 220 Basis Points, Respectively - EPS of $0.27 and Comparable EPS (Non-GAAP)

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  • Colgate Analysis

    Colgate Analysis

    of the Precision toothbrush. From Exhibit 7, it is also evident that Colgate succeeds in the mass market according volume and dollar market shares, where Colgate has 33.2% volume market share in the mass market and 24.6% of dollar market shares. Oral-B falls slightly shorter at 22.4% and 27.6% respectively

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  • Columbia Sportswear Company

    Columbia Sportswear Company

    Columbia sportswear being one of the largest footwear and outdoor apparel companies in the world. The company develops designs, distributes and markets footwear and related accessories under Columbia, Sorel, Pacific trail, Mountain Hardwear brand names. The strong portfolio of brands helps the company to expand the market for its

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  • Comment on the Process for Control

    Comment on the Process for Control

    • recognizes privacy as a human right; • expects each of our companies to respectand follow the local laws and regulations concerning human rights practices. Where the own principles and regulations are stricter than local legislation, the higher standard applies; • recognizes the responsibility of companies to respect human

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  • Company Law

    Company Law

    A fiduciary is somebody who has been tasked to represent for or on behalf of other in specific circumstances which offer ascent to a relationship of trust and certainty (Rachagan, 2002). The recognizing commitment of a fiduciary is the commitment of steadfastness and dependability. The Malaysian Companies Act 1965

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  • Company Marketing Position Comparison

    Company Marketing Position Comparison

    Aaker, V. Kumar, G Day, R. Leone. Marketing Research 11th Ed. 2012, Wiley. Lovelock. Services Marketing 5th Ed. 2004 Prentice-Hall Gillespie, D. Hennessey Global Marketing 3rd ed 2011 McGraw Hill Bruhn.Relationship Marketing2003 Prentice Hall J.D. Lenskold Marketing ROI 2003 McGraw Hill N.K.Malhotra., D.F.Birks, P. Wills, Marketing Research, 5th European

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  • Compare and Contrast the Efficient Market Theory and the Behavioral Finance Theory. in Your Opinion, Which Is the Most Reflective of Market Behavior?

    Compare and Contrast the Efficient Market Theory and the Behavioral Finance Theory. in Your Opinion, Which Is the Most Reflective of Market Behavior?

    The prospect theory is based on irrational human behavior and claims that investors make decisions based on little information, despite large volumes of information being available. Another concept of the behavioural finance theory is known as ‘anchoring’. This is when an investor has a tendency to direct their decision-making

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  • Comparing Management Theories of Motivation

    Comparing Management Theories of Motivation

    A major advantage of the equity theory - both as a characteristic of a company environment, and as a management theory of motivation - is that it can increase employee retention and loyalty. In a situation where the theory of equity is applied, fairness is linked to the amount

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  • Compensation Management Business 4340 - an Examination of the Factors That Have Contributed to the Increase of Coffee Consumption in China

    Compensation Management Business 4340 - an Examination of the Factors That Have Contributed to the Increase of Coffee Consumption in China

    - Purpose The objective of this study is to examine the extent to which exposure to western culture has affected coffee consumption in China. Historically, the purchasing habits of Chinese consumers was directly related to traditional values and beliefs. However, with the emergence of the free market economy they

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  • Computer Associates International Inc. Case Study

    Computer Associates International Inc. Case Study

    If competitors were using some methods to manipulate the earnings management and they had great annual income, Richard would be very aggressive to try this way. If not, his position and efforts would be challenged by other employees. Obviously, if all the enterprises start to use this method to

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  • Concept Testing

    Concept Testing Project budget - Capital expenditure budget New sliding bag does not require new production line investment. Nevertheless, development team need to research for sliding method solution, therefore the budget for equipment is at $5,000 and can be used for 3years. . Capital budget Total cost $ 5,000

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  • Conceptual Models of How Advertising Works to Persuade Individuals

    Conceptual Models of How Advertising Works to Persuade Individuals

    as Ford are also great examples of companies that primarily use their advertisements to create a feeling in the consumer that is purposed for driving a behavior. The Multilevel Hierarchy of Effects Model is more comprehensive and integrative as it uses a combination of all three models to assert that

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  • Conformity to a Supervisor; Is I Beneficial?

    Conformity to a Supervisor; Is I Beneficial?

    When agreeing with the statement “overall, employee conformity to their supervisor is beneficial” there is a case in debating that if the supervisor is not a good leader conformity will be far from beneficial. In terms of a supervisor or manager there are many different types you may say,

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  • Conglomerate Incs New Pda

    Conglomerate Incs New Pda

    Question 3 Rerun the analysis in Exercise 1 with Discrimination. How would you go about targeting the segments you picked in question 2? The discrimination analysis uses the classification data collected from the respondents and allows us to understand who those fours clusters are in order to better target

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  • Connector


    Question 6 a. Confusion Matrix (Table 3.4) shows that the predicted customers for cluster 4 are likely to be 91% correct. This strengthens our conclusion that ConneCtor seems to be a good fit for cluster 4 - affluent professionals. This cluster desires even more features than ConneCtor currently offers.

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  • Consulting Case Study

    Consulting Case Study

    Overcoming Resistance According to Brown (2011) organizational culture is created over time and based upon shared values. As a result, cultural transformation takes time. In order to overcome the resistance to change that over occurs, the OD consultant needs to be able to speak to and address the reasons

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  • Consulting for the Royal Hotel

    Consulting for the Royal Hotel

    Further, customers of Royal Hotel, as said are high level executives. Thus, in my opinion their priority is best performance at any cost. If better quality can be achieved by spending more money, Royal Hotel have that class of customers which can spend for quality. Therefore, again Wiztech’s “driverless

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  • Consumer Attitude Towards online Shopping in New Zealand

    Consumer Attitude Towards online Shopping in New Zealand

    Online shopping This is fundamentally a procedure of buying or selling of goods and services through the internet. According to McCole et al., (2010) most online consumers, nevertheless, use data assembled online to make buys offline. 10% of the world populace is usually shop online (Alam & Yasin, 2010).

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  • Consumer Behaviour

    Consumer Behaviour

    The resulting digital marketing plan creates the most efficient path to compete on the web and to win. The competitor analysis allows marketers to gain the market and competitive information they need to make the right decisions and eclipse the web competition. There are several reasons why a competitor

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  • Consumer Behaviour

    Consumer Behaviour

    Next, in the journal of Michele, T, et al., (2003) which the journal’s main focus is to investigate the determinants of recycling behaviour. They used TPB in understanding the behaviour of recycling. Pro-recycling attitude is important in promoting act of recycling and this is similar to “attitude” in TPB.

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