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Customer Satisfaction and Engagement

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Customer Strategies used by Countdown: (400 Words, explain advantages and disadvantages of each strategies)

- Two Customer engagement strategies

- Using Social Medias

- Running contests

- Two Customer satisfaction strategies

- Understanding the customer more keenly through surveys and questionnaires; and developing appropriate programs to satisfy their requirement from the store.

- Creating more loyalty programs and cards


In order to assess and interpret the data, a descriptive method has been adapted and utilized. From the entire data set ‘mode’ was synthesized in order to determine the most chosen option from the consumers. Sullivan (2015) states by calculating the mode, the researcher would be able to synthesize the most frequent numbers or the options chosen during the survey.


According to the data, consumers spent once per week in comparing the product they wanted to buy. This indicates one of the most fundamental ‘consumers purchasing behavior processes i.e. the evaluation of the alternatives. Ellis (2015) asserts understanding this aspect is important in development of consumer strategy. The high tendency in this also projects that an average customers are not primarily inclined towards any brand or having a loyalty them.

It has also been highlighted in the data set that the majority of the consumers are indulging in online purchasing, and according to the data they purchase products online at least once per week. This affirms the growth of online purchases and growth of the ecommerce sector. As the Ecommerce Europe’ (2014) recent report asserts more and more companies are now developing their ecommerce business sites as a part of customer retention strategy. The survey also shows that an average online purchase of a customer has increased to $500-$1000, which is more than the average indicated in the Ecommerce Europe’s report.

In order to understand the most preferred factor while purchasing, the consumers where given the choice of Price, Reputable Brand, Reputable Retailer, and Informative Product Reviews; where majority of the consumers preferred price as their choice. This indicates the strength of price when it comes to consumer attraction as well as the retention factor. As Keiningham et al (2014) asserted, there is a high correlation between the price and the customer satisfaction factor. Even as a first and the second choice, the consumers chose price as the most determining factor while purchasing.

Another important finding is of the growing influence of social media over the customer purchasing behavior and developing loyalty towards a specific brand. As Agnihotri et al (2016, p. 177) posited, “Today, social networking sites carries a significant role in the business; various businesses are engaging with their customers successfully through this medium, and as a result they aid these enterprises in achieving a certain percentage of retention rate as well.” From the given data itself it become evident that majority of the customers are getting influenced through social media sites to purchase a particular product or a service.


With the emergence of customer engagement tool over the customer satisfaction, scholars as well as the business communities are able to link customer loyalty towards the business strategy and in turn able to improve the business activities and customer retention. In the current times, there are many factors that influence and contribute to customer satisfaction and retention, and among them price and the customer engagement through social media has been established as prominent and the most effective.


Through evaluating various factors acquired through the secondary resources, it has been affirmed that various factors or variables influence and contribute customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty factors. Although the customer perception on the brand loyalty is changing due to various factors and as per the data evaluated, it can be acquired to a certain degree by maintain and implementing certain strategic business decisions.

- Write two more recommendation for countdown for customer satisfaction and customer engagement other than loyalty and discount programs (total 100 Words)-please read the findings, you would get appropriate recommendations required-

- Another important factor that the countdown has to take into consideration is of the social media. Since the data affirms that social media plays a significant role in the influencing the customer purchasing behavior as well as in customer retention, it is important for the business organization to effectively utilize social media for customer engagement.



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