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The Relationship Between Service Quality Experiences and Customer Satisfaction

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by the business could mean a potential data protection breach, which could end up very financially damaging to a business. Therefore, records management is important in the smooth-running of a company.

In addition, most firms will lay business access their records within the same day of them requesting to do so, and ease of access importance will of course be dependent on the nature of the business you run. It’s possible to employ the services of such a company for managing paper records too. Many businesses have literally decades worth of paper documents which take up valuable space within a business premises, and a lot of the time it is economically viable to have these kept safe elsewhere, freeing up space for other use, and protected from any damage that could occurs in your own building.

For CIMB Group Berhad, their goals are to provide the most efficient records system. They also tend to protect information by designing and implementing effective measures for records control. In order to have a good controlling on records, records management program is implemented to determined methods for evaluating all phases of the records and information management program. They also tend to train company personnel in the most effective method of controlling and using records in order to have the best records control.

1.2 Describe Members’ Tasks

​To complete this group project, we already desegregate all the task fairly to the group member the details as follows:-

~ Nurseha Mohamed Yusoff

~Mahnom Anuar

~ Nor Hazita Baharudin

~ Muhammad Ridhwan Abd Muthalef


2.1 Introduction of the Company

CIMB Group Berhad is a Malaysian universal bank headquartered in Kuala Lumpur and operating in high growth economies in ASEAN. CIMB Group Berhad is an indigenous ASEAN investment bank, the largest Asia Pacific (ex-Japan) based investment bank and one of the world’s largest Islamic banks. CIMB Group Berhad has a wide retail branch network with 1,080 branches across the region.[3]

The group operates under several entities, which include CIMB Investment Bank, CIMB Bank, CIMB Islamic, CIMB Niaga, CIMB Securities International and CIMB Thai. The group’s business activities are primarily in the areas of Consumer Banking, Wholesale Banking, comprising Investment Banking and Corporate Banking, Treasury & Markets, and Group Strategy & Strategic Investments, with its core markets being Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand. CIMB Islamic operates in parallel with these businesses, in line with the group’s dual banking model.

The group has over 40,000 employees located in 18 countries, covering ASEAN and major global financial centres, as well as countries in which its customers have significant business and investment dealings. The group’s geographical reach and its products and services are complemented by partnerships. Its partners include the Principal Financial Group, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Standard Bank and Daewoo Securities, among others

​2.2 Missions and Visions

2.2.1 Mission

​​​To be the leading ASEAN company

2.2.2 Visions

To provide universal banking services as a high performing, institutionalised and integrated company located in ASEAN and key markets beyond, and to champion the acceleration of ASEAN integration and the region’s links to the rest of the world.


2.2.3 Core Values

▪ Customer Centric

We exist to serve our customers and we sell products and services that our customers understand and value.

▪ High Performance

We work hard to serve and we work strategically for customers, staff and other stakeholders.

▪ Enabling People

We empower and align our people to innovate and deliver value in their workplace as well as for the community they serve.

▪ Strength Diversity

We have respect for different cultures, we value varied perspectives and we recognise diversity as a source of strength.

▪ Integrity

We honest, respectful and professional in everything we do because integrity is the founding value of CIMB.

2.3 Product and Services

2.3.1 Consumer Banking

CIMB Group has full-fledged consumer banking services across its main operating markets in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Cambodia. The divisions which comprise Consumer Banking are:

▪ Consumer Sales and Distribution which oversees the sales network including branches and mobile sales teams.

▪ Retail Financial Services which is responsible for most of the retail banking as well as enterprise banking products.

▪ Commercial banking which is responsible for SME and mid-size companies.

▪ Group Cards and Personal Financing which is responsible for credit cards businesses and personal loans portfolio.

2.3.2 Wholesale Banking

The wholesale banking business comprises two divisions: Investment Banking and Corporate Banking. Investment Banking comprises Corporate Client Solutions, which covers the bank’s institutional and corporate clients and Sector Specialists in real estate and agribusiness; the Advisory business unit, and the Group Asset Management business unit which is the bank’s retail and institutional fund management arm. Corporate Banking is responsible for corporate banking; transaction banking; the group’s markets, sales and trading businesses in interest rates, credit, foreign exchange, commodities, equities and their derivatives; debt capital markets; fixed income investments; and treasury and funding operations for the


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