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How Surveillance Increases Exploitation of Social Media Users

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The use of surveillance in social media is prevalent in the way that social media outlets exploit their user information by selling advertising space on their websites to third party companies and by selling sensitive user information to other companies. It is demonstrated through the acts of companies such as Facebook and Google and can be seen throughout the internet. Social media surveillance is also seen through individuals taking advantage of the wide range of personal information online in order to exploit certain users of social media. and how businesses use social media screening to determine whether a person is a suitable candidate for their position. The wide range of surveillance within social media is a very lucrative and scary thing, the major companies are making billions exploiting their users information while this free flow of information puts everyone’s privacy at risk.



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In writing this paper I had many challenges to overcome. In the first assignment which was the essay outline I had not received a very good grade, this was because my arguments were not very strong and concise. In the second assignment which was the thesis and introduction I had revised my thesis to include sharper and more clear points and formed my introduction around it. In that assignment I received a higher mark than the first but not a very good one. In writing my final paper I had realized that my thesis and introduction for the first two assignment did not reference or discuss the use of surveillance within media which is what this class is all about. Upon realizing this I understood why my marks for the first two assignments were so low, in recognizing this major mistake I changed the topic of my paper in order to make connections between surveillance and social media. In doing so I believe that I have written a paper that directly relates to the material discussed in class and the requirements for this essay. The connection between my topic and media was not made clear in the first two assignments. This is what helped me build my essay which now relates to the course, rhetoric and media.


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