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Asci 609 - Aviation Maintenance Management

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[pic 5][pic 6]

the protective skin and caused an arc. Fig. 4 shows an example of damaged burnt wires from arcing. Look back at Fig. 3 and imagine trying to find burnt wires out of all the individual bundles. [pic 7]

In regards to the Swissair Flight 111, the investigation also revealed that none of the protective circuit breakers were tripped. These electrical devices were supposed to trip then stop the current traveling in the circuit, but it was found that these circuit breakers do not stop arcing type occurrences. Below in Fig. 5, shows common circuit breakers used in aircraft to the left and to the right, new smart electronic circuit breakers (ECB). ECBs are capable of alerting faults, and break electrical current in the event of an arcing condition. The question must be asked, what if Swissair Flight 111 had these new ECBs on board. Maybe the fire could have been prevented. [pic 8]

[pic 9][pic 10]

The final example in this research paper deals with corrosion issues of an aircraft affected by age which resulted in a serious accident. Aloha Airlines Flight 243 flying out of Maui, Hawaii on April 28, 1988 experienced 18 feet of the cabin coming apart during flight. It was found that fatigue cracking and corrosion along the aluminum sheet metal lap joints deteriorated the bond between the joints thus losing its bonding integrity (NTSB, 1988). Below in Fig. 6, shows the section of aircraft cabin removed with the passengers still in their seats.

[pic 11]

[pic 12]

In the next section of this research paper some alternate actions are offered to possibly help prevent aircraft accidents and deadly crashes. Loss of life, financial loss and repair costs are all of the highest priority for aviation professionals and taking extra precautions to ensure safety is paramount.

- Alternative Actions

Alternative Actions




Conduct thorough Pre-Flight inspections

Find issues before flight

- Ground aircraft if problems found

- May need to check fleet for same issue

- Pay close attention to certain areas

- Some aircraft fly to different areas which may affect aging differently

Conduct thorough Post-Flight inspections

Find issues after flight

- Ground aircraft if problems found

- May need to ground whole fleet until they are inspected

- Get direct feedback from pilots and crew if they suspect anything wrong

- Troubleshooting aircraft can often take significant time

Use historical data

Predict possible issues

- More prepared to do anticipate faults

- Other unexpected issues could happen

- Possible similar faults on other aircraft

- No guarantee it will be the same circumstance

Upgrade aircraft with ECBs

Better electrical protection

- Better fault identification

- Older aircraft may give false warnings

- Possibly prevent arcing leading to fire

- Locating affected area could still be difficult

- Recommendation

It is therefore recommended that maintenance managers and appropriate authorities find new methods to better inspect aging aircraft by using the latest technology and new advanced testing equipment. Some new testing equipment could include:

- Ultrasound test equipment

- Video record capable borescope

- Inspection Magnifier with camera capability

- Metal density tester

Having the ability to test in hard to reach places and record findings for further analysis

can greatly improve the quality of inspections. In conclusion, AMTs having the most advanced testing equipment should lead to finding more potential threats from corrosion, fractures and related aging aircraft issues.



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