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Milestone one online Vs offline Dating

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Love Online, Julie Spira stated that both types of dating need to be incorporated as it is not a one way street to meeting someone (Online Dating Vs. Offline 2013).

When you online date you are guaranteed to find someone that is looking for another person to date. Over 40 million people on dating websites trying to find that special someone. You are able to find someone in another location as you, especially if you are in a small town and everyone knows everything. That can be intimidating. The web is accessible 24/7, through phones, computers, and tablets the artifact of online is the communication through texting or “skyping”, which is seeing the person but not meeting the person face to face. Some sites have questionnaires that can help you find someone with similar interests as you and can help you find someone in particular that you are looking for.

The cons for online dating, however could be that the person is lying about something they posted about themselves just to grab the user’s attention, or they could be catfishing all together for one reason or another. The users who are chatting with one another could be doing the same with others or it can only stick to an online romance instead of offline meeting.

When a person decides to go the offline route there are pros and cons as well. The pros would be you can physically see that you are not being catfished, see their facial expressions while communicating and if you are a great observer you can fish out the tall tails that the person may web, or even see that they are into you or not. You are able to determine if the chemistry is really sparking and if the person is worth the time to invest in.

The cons that come into play could be that the person is a stalker and could follow you as they physically know what you look like and the skirts of where you hang out. Your social circle is limited as you are not going global, unless you’re traveling and dating. The person that is interested may be too shy to even ask you on a date or visa versa. At the end of the date it may still be unclear if they are interested or just playing nice until you two separate and have you waiting for that non existent phone call (Online Dating Vs. Offline 2013).


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