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Education in India: Offline to online Retailing

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By shifting to smaller cities many issues faced by the administration can be overcome. There is traffic concern in the big cities and pick up drop service is also being offered, which not only adds to the cost but also might delay if there is traffic. These will be cut down in smaller cities. With growing youth population in India and the rate at which the engineers are being produced, employment will also be a huge issue in the coming years. So setting up BPOs in tier 2 cities would address that problem and government would be favourable in providing the required infrastructure for doing so.

A report said that, while spoken English skills and analytical ability of the students tested need improvement, the gap could easily be bridged. Hoping that Tier II BPOs can contribute immensely to the industry, Nasscom released a study titled ‘Location Roadmap for IT-BPO Growth' a few years ago.

According to this study, Tier II cities could account for three million BPO jobs by 2018, which was projected to be 40 per cent of the potential employment of the BPO sector as of that year.

There are many cities with such potential in the country such as Ajmer, Jodhpur, Kota, Bikaner and Udaipur in just one state of Rajasthan and many cities in south like Vijayawada, Vizag,Guntur,Gulbarga,Belgaum and many more. So more and more BPOs have to be setup not just to cater MNC purposes but also for the localised service for banking facilities.


In this course of Operations Management we have learnt: Transformation processes are central to Operations, Focusing on keeping costs to the minimum and developing a set of measures to assess performance of the system. In this report we analyzed 11 products and services in 4 aspects: Quality,Flexibility,Price and speed, where we tried to optimize cost without affecting other factors or may be bring about more value. We tried to look at the Product/Service development and tried to suggest ways to cut down cost and improve the scale of business. It has been a good learning experience where we came across different process involved in different sector and the challenges that they had.


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