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Interview with Entrepreneur

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I also be able to judge if the business is not only to seek profit, but rather a place to channel hobby.



N : hello, my name is Nurul.

M : oh yeah, hello too

N : what is your name?

M : my name is Yeti

N : I would like to ask you to do the interview time.

M : oh okay, i’m free.

N : oh thanks you. Okay we started it.

N : Why did you choose handicrafts as business?

M : I chose craft as a business because it is not so complicated, can be done in your spare time, do not need to rent a shop or place, and to complementary household.

N : What products are the first time you do?

M : the first time I made a mineral water basket on sale

N : How long do you make this product? and what are the other products?

M : makes 1 basket drink can be done 1 to 2 days. In addition, I also sell candy place, fruit basket and ornamental flowers

N : What is your favorite consumer products?

M : much liked and purchased mineral water basket

N : you create your own or have employees?

M : I was assisted by three employees. I could not do it themselves. Sometimes, when an order is an awful lot I could hardly do it.

N : approximately, how many products are sold per month?

M : I can sell as many as 122 items. was composed of 20 mineral basket , 15 fruit basket, 12 candy jar, and 75 ornamental flower.

N : how each unit price of your product?

M : I sell the mineral water basket at a price of 250.000, candy jar 125.000 , ornamental flowers 10.000/9.000, fruit basket 250.000.

N : How long have you been doing this business?

M : I did it already almost 3 years.

N : oh okay, thanks you miss.

M : okay no problem.


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