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Netizens Feast over Alma Moreno’s Interview at Headstart with Karen Davila

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The issue is not really something new because heritage advocate Carlos Celdran has been opposing the construction of Torre De Manila ever since he got wind of plans to build the high-rise condo back in June 2012. It is only just recently, however, that the senate has taken notice of the issue, with Sen. Pia Cayetano calling for an on-site hearing scheduled last August 27, 2015, as was posted on her Facebook page. The controversy surrounding the construction of Torre de Manila raises two alarming issues. The first is the lack of consideration from DMCI by constructing a high rise building which would adversely affect an important national shrine, and the second is the wanton disregard of zoning regulations intended to protect not only the beauty and significance of such a monument, but also the residents of a certain area.

Of course, this issue hasn’t bunked the eyes of the netizens. As the issue goes viral, the social media community has raised their own views regarding the issues of Rizal’s “photo bomber”. Some say that the construction of Torre De Manila should stop because it is a fragment to our cultural heritage, most especially because it is the shrine of our national hero. Others, however, took the construction of Torre De Manila as part of the Philippines continuous development and progress of the economy. Yet, it is up to the people with positions whether the construction of the 49-storey building be stopped or continued, apropos of which is better for the country regarding the different parties’ concerns.

In an attempt to preserve the beauty of the park for the purpose of cultural heritage, about 10,354 signatures have been gathered in an online petition opposing the construction of the Torre De Manila, by seeking the suspension of its building permit. Netizens have also started tagging pictures of themselves showing how Torre de Manila occupies the view behind Rizal with #selfiechallenge, following the #MRTchallenge, which received significant attention in social media. Also, a petition has been filed in the Supreme Court seeking the demolition of the said condominium project on the grounds that it has violated several zoning provisions laid down by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines.


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