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Chapter 5 Outline

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5.Why Men Rape Women

a.Many sociologist and psychologist have been trying to find reasons why men rape. They have come up with three psychological theories

6.Males as Victims

a. Inside the Prison

b. Men being raped in prison happens just as much as man-on-woman rape outside of prison (1 in 5 inmates in U.S prisons vs. 1 in 10 females)

c. Prison victims most likely to be raped multiple times. No sympathy, Rapists go un- punished .Rapists are not separated from victims .Used as prison management to calm inmates so they will not turn against the staff

7.How victims handle it

a.Suicide, seek protection from other powerful inmates by being there slave, sexual services, and keeping house. Prostitution to get things for their “masters”.Tricked into sex Interracial (blacks raping whites).

8.Reasons for same sex rape

a.Humiliate Dominance,Sexually motivated

b.Outside the Prison Females are most likely to use verbal pressure and males use physical force

c.Male-on-male victims most likely stangers. Most unreported because it’s a “gay crime”

9, Reactions

a.Shock, self blame, shame, anger, depression

b.More distressing for guys because of male role expectation

10 Can Women Rape Men

Women can find ways to still over power men even if they cannot perform sexually (rare cases physical force is used)

11Child Molestation

a. Basic Facts

b. Suffer from posttraumatic stress (nightmares or nervousness), behavior problems, sexualized behaviors, poor self-esteem

c. Social profile of child molesters

d. Lack masculinity

e.Psychological Theory: Sexual Inadequacy, this theory emphasizes that men rape because of personality effect

f.Social-Psychological Theory: Sexual Permissiveness, this theory states that men rape because they are sexually frustrated and need to “relieve” their frustration by raping

Feminist Theory: Gender Inequality, this theory states that women believe men rape to let women know men have power over them


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