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The Autonomy in the Learning

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The present research has as purpose to develop the autonomy in the learning

process in 8

th grade students, through the use of error correction code and Kolb

learning style test as strategies and resources to be achieved. This is going to be a

useful tool in the students learning process, not only in the English as a subject, or

in the school setting, but also in their future lives. To encourage students to develop autonomy in their learning process, some

strategies were discussed. First, it was mandatory to make students aware about

the way in which they learn, or as well-known; their learning style. For that reason,

it was applied the Kolb learning style inventory that is divided in four categories

where students are rated.

After that, the action research was carried out, implementing three

workshops, which were developed by students. In these workshops, they were

able to recognize their own mistakes through the use of error correction code

(ECC), which was previously explained by the researchers. It is important to

highlight that, students writing skill was directly benefited by the improvement

accomplished during the workshops process done.

Finally, this research could be useful for new teachers’ generations, in order to help

their students to be autonomous and take the responsibility on their learning

process, which is important to achieve an integrated and better learning.

This first chapter deals with a problem detected inside the classroom of the

8th grade class in a public school of La Granja and its justification. It also includes

research questions, objectives, hypotheses and the research approach to establish

the model of investigation.

1.1 The Research Problem

From the point of view of the experience given by the practicum process,

especially in the professional practicum with 8



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