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Studying Abroad Improves Student Success

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Student skill preparation

Argument Essay

Studying abroad improves student success



Introduction                                                                                         In recent years, there has been a vast increase in the students choosing to study abroad. This is perhaps because people are more abundant and partly due to a variety of choices which can access overseas universities. Although foreign study is not something that everyone chooses, it is an attractive chance. This essay states that student may benefit in terms of academic, personal and professional success. However, in some cases the experience of international study can have unnecessary effects.  

 The first way that students can benefit from overseas study is through personal growth

E According to Chirkov(2009;LaFrombiose et al.,1993), The most experience as foreigner is to learn the way utilize the different values, beliefs, and norm of their culture. They feel more confident in the live

E In a similar way, Kolb(1984) states The students must be able to undergo, use analytical skill to objectify the resolution process and problem-solving skill to utilize new idea got from the reality. Students experience growth by becoming more independent in unforeseeable situations.

A This evidence would seem to indicate that students who study abroad benefit a personal level from the experiences with living a student lifestyle, and therefore feel more independent. Though Overseas students can open their horizons because of different culture and customs exposure, they can experience homesickness.

 The second way is that students can go through academic accomplishment by global circuits of higher education

E According to Kolb(1984) the highly educated students may carry on other from class study affirming to a rational culture related with brainy and individual advance engaging them to hope reputed occupation.

E Rivza and Teichler (2007:473) would suggest that the main motivation but, fairly, the opportunity to get approach to prestigious organization, lots of Uk people failed to apply to Oxford and Cambridge like prestigious organization, however correspondingly few determine to study abroad as a solution.

A When it comes to academic benefits of studying abroad, many students can study at prestigious universities which employ experts in their fields. These claims would reveal that the degree in foreign university are evaluated from the company and research laboratory.


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