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Ethics and Vocation

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them feel successful. People strive to attain these items, in a manner they feel is right or just. I believe most of mankind want peace, want to feel loved and love, we want to feel valued. Some of us search for spirituality and the afterlife, whatever that means. Some of us believe that there is no afterlife at that the only chance at happiness is in the reality we exist in now.

I personally fall in the former category, on many levels of belief. I do believe in a God, I believe I have a purpose, a reason for my existence, although as of right now I’m uncertain of that specific thing. I strive to be the best that I can be in the roles I choose to play, putting forth extensive effort in doing well, being honest, and hoping to leave those in my life with a positive impression. I value honesty and always try to be that, not that I am without fault because occasionally a white lie is easier and less painful then the truth. Such as; no son the guinea pig ran away, he didn’t die. I like to believe this story was less painful to my small child. Some people would disagree with my thought, but I’m certain that is the way of mankind, we don’t always agree.

In my life I need to feel useful, as though I matter. I need to work hard and do my best. I don’t need to have a life of luxury, but of comfort. Working to better those I come in contact with, being kind for no reason other than self-satisfaction. I am kind to others, because it makes me feel good, not because I hope to gain something in return. I am far from perfect; I make mistakes and do wrongs. Each day I try to be better. I try not to harbor animosity, be forgiving and no too judgmental of the choices other people make because I don’t walk in their shoes. I don’t know what is going on in their lives, the present or the past, and I am not their Judge nor Jury. I think this attitude will help me in regard to my career choice, an attorney is not meant to judge a person, but simply to provide them with the best legal advice, to guide them through a system, often unknown to them. My goal is to provide direction, make certain that the system doesn’t violate personal rights, and be a part of a system that restores a wrong that has been committed and affect all parties involved in a positive manner. I believe the goal of the criminal justice system is to restore victims, and rehabilitate offenders while providing education or services to enable them to make better choices in the future. Much of society sees a person accused of a crime, as bad deserving of a punishment, which sometimes is true, but locking a person up, putting them in a situation that causes more detriment, not only to them but to the society they live in, well it seems counterproductive. I believe my “out of the box” thoughts in this area to be an asset, an asset that I believe will enable me to make a positive change for not only victims but perpetrators, the society in which we all exist.


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