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Behavioral Viewpoint

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Recognizing and understanding generational differences can also help manager and employees learn to work together more effectively and transform the workplace from a generation war zone to an age diverse and productive team. By understanding the values and attitudes of the employees and how they relate to organizational norms and culture, manager can improve their ability to add value strategically by sustaining the current organization or driving change to achieve the organization objective. For example, to generate new idea for new product development that involve all generation, manager need to approach the baby boomers first to discuss what kind of product they want to make and let the Y and X generation to work together on creativities and function of the new product. This is because, generation X and Y are more creative and good at using technologies.

Moreover, manager also can increase their employee’s performance by implementing the behavioural viewpoint. Manager can motivate them according to their interest such as the baby boomers are more interested in salary, so manager can increase their employees salary or give them bonus as incentive base on their good performance to motivate them to doing better in the future. While for gen X, they are more interested on security. So, manager can offer them a good insurance coverage. However, gen Y are not interested in those incentive, but they are interested in maintain their personal life. Therefore, manager can give them travel and restaurant voucher or free tickets to travel with their love one. So that, they will be more motivated and eager to finish their work excellently.


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