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Synopsis Malayan Union

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The formation of Malayan Union was brought to War Cabinet by Sir Harold MacMichael at London as early as May 1945 to get approval by the British,s Parliament.


After the approval of Malayan Union by British Parliament Sir Edward Gent met all the Sultans to get signature at every state’s palace for example Sultan Ibrahim at Johor and Sultan Hisamuddin at Selangor who are willingly agreed to sign the formation of Malayan Union due to their friendship. The rest of the Sultan’s such as Sultan Abdul Aziz al-Mu’tasim Billah Shah ibni al-Marhum Raja Muda Musa from Perak were forced to sign by Sir Edward Gent or not they will be dethronementsuch as Sultan Badlishah from Kedah at his own palace.


The unveiled of establishment was made by Sir Edward Gent in 1 April 1946 at King’s House (Carcosa Seri Negara),Kuala Lumpur. There were certain people who agreed, ‘Orang Dagang’ and ‘Melayu Radikal’ because the Malayan Union smooth the administration by uniting 3 polities which is Federated Malay States, Unfederated Malay States ,and Strait Settlements, Secondly, the ‘Jus Soli’ principle about the citizenship was really benefit them. Thirdly, believe the British’s promise to give independence for example, PKMM,API,AWAS and BATAS. Meanwhile, the majority of Malay people were disagreed. Dato’ Onn Jaafar had formed United Malay Organisation (U.M.O) to unite Malay people by made 2 congress which is ,the first one on 1-4 March 1946 that conference with 41 Malay Associations at the Sultan Sulaiman Club,Kuala Lumpur and the second one on 30-31 March 1946 to asked Malay’s King to ignored the election of Sir Edward Gent as a governor and second effort was made a demonstration at every town. The reason of their disagreement were Sir Edward Gent didn’t respect the Kings by threating their position as Malay Sultans. Next, the status quo of Malay will be decreased because of the citizenship of ‘Jus Soli’ is too liberal.


A group of ex-British offier who served in the Malay Peninsula such as Frank Swettenham, R.O. Windstedt, George Maxwell expressed their disapproval by commenting their disagreement of Malayan Union in the newspaper in London.

Because of these reasons,it contributed to the failure of Malayan Union.


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