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Job Opportunities in Britain

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Britain was in the industrial period and there were lots of job opportunities, this encouraged allot of migrants to come to Britain. Only a small number of migrant groups had a positive outcome.

One example of a successful migrant group is the Germans. Many Germans came to Britain in search of a successful business in the period 1750-1900. They integrated very quickly and successfully. At the time there was a German king, George II. This encouraged many Germans to migrate to Britain. By 1861 there were over 28,000 Germans living in Britain. Within that many of them had good jobs, for example Several of the UK's most successful businesses and top employers, such as Hugo Hirst who started up the General Electric Company, were started by German migrants that started out with nothing. Some Germans also sold food. Many bakeries were German-run and the ‘full English’ breakfast was in fact a German import.

Another migrant group that had a positive experience were the Italians. While some Italian immigrants were wealthy, the majority were from poor families living in the villages of southern Italy. Extreme poverty and civil war had affected their homes so badly that thousands migrated to Britain.

On arrival they settled in many large cities such as Manchester where the men might be employed in road building or whole families could work in the textile mills. Here and in other cities, such as Glasgow and London’s ‘Little Italy’, Italians also started up businesses in a new street food (ice cream). Some family businesses did extremely well.

Although Italian, German and other European immigrants did experience some hostility, this was far less than that experienced by the Irish or the Lascars.

As Britain’s control of India had increased and they took control or the EIC, colonial families had servants and they brought them back. Others followed, and many lascars were employed as sailors. However, the majority were poor peasant farmers.  

My final opinion is that the overall experience of migrant in Britain between the period 1750-1900 was quite evenly spread. I think it was just a little more positive than negative.[pic 1][pic 2][pic 3][pic 4]


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